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Dr. Buttar's Own Words...

Success FailureAre you one of those who others look at and are envious of, because you are successful, hard working and popular. But why is it that your best friend from high school who was the star of the football team, dated the head cheerleader, and was Mr. Popularity amounted to nothing and you did. Do you have greater dreams but feel stuck now, and don’t know how to accomplish them? Others tell you you're lucky, successful, things just happen for you, for whatever reason. You're smart. You have good genetics. You're born lucky. Some people have all the luck. For whatever the reasons you have thought or others have told you, it is known that you are successful. But you have questions.

You often wonder "why me?" Why is it that your best friend who had more popularity than you, more ability than you, more charisma than you .....amounted to nothing. But you did? Why? And sometimes you may ask, "Why can't I succeed every time"? Why is it only sometimes. Why can't I break through the next level. How can I break through the next level. What is the next level? Would you like to know why this happens to you? More importantly, would you like to have EVEN GREATER success and learn the formula to be able to accomplish absolutely what ever you wish to accomplish in your life every time? Perhaps you intuitively know that you have the ability...but your brain blocks you from believing it. How would you like to have someone PROVE it to you, beyond the shadow of any doubt, using only science that has already been nominated numerous times and has WON the Nobel Peace Prize....7 TIMES!

Or maybe you’re one of those people who wants more out of life and you keep trying, but you fail. And you try again, and you fail. You try again, yet you fail again….and again... and again. Every time you try, you fail. But the more you fail, the more determined you become. The more you fail, the more you try. Others tell you to quit. Those that love you try to reason with you to “become realistic”. Still others don’t take you seriously because you’re a dreamer, always with a “hair brained scheme” to get rich, become successful, break out of your current constraints.

If you are experiencing any or all of the above, if you want to find out how to succeed at anything, end your pain, accomplish what your heart desires, improve your attitude, control your anger, program yourself for success, increase your income, or what ever else you want in life, then I will tell you exactly what you must do. Register for this seminar. Now! Just do it.

For those few reading this who either know me personally, as patients, or just know of me; they may have already stopped reading at this point and are registering because they know me and they know my essence. But most people reading this have no idea who I am or what I’m about. If you will allow me the indulgence, let me tell you what may be going through your mind at this exact moment.

Who does this guy think he is?

Who does this guy think he is? Why should I come to this seminar? He’s probably trying to sell me something. And for $480 dollars? Are you freakin’ kidding me? Is this guy really serious? Does he really think I’m that stupid that I would spend $480 dollars to go to his seminar? And for ONLY 1 WEEKEND???? This guy is really unbelievable. Why would ANYONE in their right mind even consider such a foolishness. I’m going to just sign up for a weekend seminar because this doctor thinks he knows my problems, issues, pain. Unbelievable. What audacity? What arrogance. He doesn’t even KNOW ME! He doesn’t know what I have to go through. He doesn’t know my issue, my pain, my hope, my desire, my problem. What a waste of time even being on this website. Look at the website….it’s got green grass, trees and sky, for God’s sake. And look at his name. He's probably got an accent so I wouldn't be able to understand him anyway.

Maybe some of these things have gone through your mind over the last few minutes. Maybe ALL of these things have gone through your mind and perhaps a few even more graphic words that would not be appropriate to have here crossed your mind. I’m sure many may have already logged off this website. But you havn’t. You’re still reading. Why? Because you’re resonating at a certain frequency, similar to a radio channel frequency that brings the music to your radio, a frequency that is the same as mine. Because on some strange level, either conscious or subconscious, what I have said speaks to you. Because something tells you that you need to continue reading.

Key to SuccessIf I told you that I can help you break through absolutely any barrier, any self constraint, any issue and help you to define how to solve any dilemma that is facing you either now or in the future, would you believe me? If I told you that the information I will provide to you will be supported by 7 Nobel Prize Laureates and is embedded so deeply in Quantum Physics that it will be impossible for any sane person to refute this information, would you believe me? If I told you this course was 5 times, 10 times, a thousand times MORE valuable to you than what you will pay for this course, would you believe me? If I told you that I can prove it too you, would you believe me? In fact, I am so confident that I can do this, that I have told my staff that anyone who does NOT believe they are getting more than what they have paid for, I want them to get a full 100% refund by the end of the FIRST half of the seminar.

But, before we go on, I want you to contemplate a question. Do you believe what I have said to you? Do you believe what you have just read? Here is your first lesson, whether you decide to come to the seminar or not, which will serve you through out the rest of your life, IF and ONLY IF you let it.

What ever you believe you CAN or CAN NOT do, you are correct. This is also true of belief. If you believe what I have said, it will be as I have said, just as it was for the people who sent me the letters below. If you believe that what I said is a bunch of marketing hype, guess what my friend? It won’t even be that much.


Testimonial: Brian A. DiTore, Jacksonville, FL ...

Dear Dr. Buttar,

Thank you for the positive message and powerful orientation last week when you came to lecture in Jacksonville, Florida. It definitely opened my mind to further opportunities. Your scientific validation of quantum physics was outstanding. The way you present your views are far superior to others I have seen in the past. Not only do you know all the facts but you really believe the power of the mind. I felt a strong connection with you when I met you and I know so many others did as well. You have changed so many lives for the better and I inspire you to share more of this information to many more lives. I feel this is your calling, helping others to a more soulful soothing life of happiness. With people like you in this world, we can make a change. Peace, love and happiness is available for all who wish to have it and you can show them the light and direction to obtain this inner beauty. We all have the power as you state, you just show us a way to unlock this hidden talent. I can say this presentation was worth more than any dollar amount could buy. With this inspiration, I decided to write a new book. Currently, I have been working on a book called "Slave to the Grindstone" but so many negative images and words made this book give off negative energy. I have taken the positive text from it and created a new book called "I Command the Universe". Thank you once again. I know God put you in my life for a reason.

Your friend for life,

Brian A. DiTore, Jacksonville, FL



Testimonial: Robert Lemus, Jacksonville, FL ...

Dr. Buttar,

I’m a forty two year old male. For many years I’ve been told I am a born salesperson. I am never sure if this a compliment or if being considered a salesperson comes with a negative impression. It does seem that I am very good at selling but in actuality, I’ve never tried to push anything on anyone and often my clients become my friends. After attending your seminar and having a one on one conversation with you, I understand now it’s not that I’m selling anything to others but that through positive energy, I assist others to connect good circumstances and make good decisions. This new found understanding has empowered me to do more good for the benefit of all. I can now use my God given talents without any guilt or embarrassment. Thank you for your gift of empowerment which has already changed me. And thank you for what you are doing for others.

Sincerely Robert Lemus, Jacksonville, FL



Testimonial: Robin Wines, Concord, NC ...

When I experienced my break through with Dr. Buttar, I felt as if a 10 pound weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I could finally breathe again. Once I forgave the people who hurt me the most in my own heart and mind, I felt at peace. I now can talk to my mother, and actually show her some affection, when before we couldn't hold a five minute conversation with out arguing. I gave her a hug and a kiss for the first time about one month ago and actually meant it for the first time that I can remember. My mother now has become my number one supporter. I now hold my head higher, and look at myself completely different. I have more self respect. I also learned how to make myself my number one priority. The experience I have had has changed my view of not only myself but of the people who surround me. The difference is so significant that others have told me that they can see a physical difference in me. And I can feel it. Oh, also, the joint pain that I’ve had since I was in my early teens has almost completely gone away. And it all happened right after I had my break through with Dr. Buttar.

Robin Wines, Concord, NC



Big Return on Investment ...

Success KeyThis seminar is currently priced at $480.00 for 1 Participant and $820.00 for 2 Participants. The cost will most likely be higher in the future. Listen, the amount of money that this seminar is going to cost you is mere pittance compared with the value of what it will provide you. But as with anything worth while in life, there is a price. In actuality, for me, it would be the issue of taking a weekend out of my life that would be more of a concern because the time that one spends can never be regained. So again, I will guarantee this to you in writing. If you do not believe that what you are learning at the seminar is something that will change your life forever (IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE IT), we will refund all your money at the end of the FIRST DAY (Friday) of the 2 1/2 day seminar. You will be refunded right there at the seminar. No questions asked. Right there and then. No explanation necessary. All you have to do is ask. It’s that simple. I can’t make it any easier than that. If I did, it wouldn’t be worth your time to come to this event.

What we will be discussing is something I have used in my own life without realizing consciously what I was doing. It was something however that I became acutely aware of as I continued treating late stage cancer patients. Why would some succeed beyond insurmountable odds while others would fail despite earlier intervention and a less aggressive form of cancer, became clear to me, albeit the process of recognition and realization was slow at best. However, in the end, it all became well worth it because the answer and the solution that I discovered and found validated in fragments from various sources, is applicable in all facets of life. This is true whether it be in facing cancer or in achieving extraordinary success in the financial sector or in accomplishing a significant win during a sporting event or just simply building a stronger relationship with your significant other.

So now you have to ask yourself a question. Is it worth spending less than $40 per month (cost of a dinner out on the town for two) for a year in order to learn the knowledge that WILL change your life substantially for the better.

Is attending this seminar worth $9.23 per week over the next year (less than the price of lunch) if it means that you will travel through every day will far less frustration and far great happiness?

Is attending this seminar worth spending less than $1.32 per day over the next year to learn how you can define your own course of action independent of any other factor, to achieve what ever success you wish to achieve?

When I was in Jacksonville, Florida, I had a gentleman come up to me afterwards and tell me that he was in his late 50’s and had attended many seminars in his life. However, the seminar I had given, according to this gentleman, was the most important one of his life. I can only say that my hope is that everyone will feel that way because the information itself has profoundly and definitively change my life. Now you have to decide if it is worth taking ABSOLUTELY NO RISK to attend this seminar because you can get your money back after getting half the information if you don’t find it to be worth what you paid. You have to make a choice.

The gift that I am offering you will be the most valuable gift anyone has ever offered you IF you believe and IF you utilize the information. My gift is invaluable. And if charging a few hundred dollars will separate the doers from the shoppers, the cream from the crap, then so be it. I do not want to waste my time on those who do NOT wish to improve their lot in life and are complacent and satisfied with what they have. If you are satisfied with what you have in life, then this seminar is NOT for you. But if you do want more, and you want to learn it from someone who has done it, and is using the same principals daily in dealing with matters of life and death, then you’re at the right place and this seminar is for you. There are no coincidences.

Don't try and rationalize or intellectualize the decision to attend this seminar. Simply let go and relax. Your sixth sense will tell you what to do. It will guide you and will provide the right answer for you. If your sixth sense tells you that this seminar is NOT for you, do not argue or try and sign up. It will NOT be the right decision for you. But if your sixth sense tells you to do this, then act upon this right immediately and register now.

When you attend this seminar, you will learn exactly what the sixth sense actually is and what it is not. For now however, just simply let go and open yourself up to all the possibilities. Make sure your heart is open and that you do not have any preconceived notions. What ever this sixth sense tells you, it will be the correct answer for you.

In closing, I would like to say to those who will choose not to attend, that I wish you luck and success. However, for those who have made the choice to attend, you will NOT need luck for you will be taught how to literally create it yourself. And this is NOT an exaggeration. For those who are still on the fence, I will leave you all with something that you can use the rest of your life even if our paths never cross again. Remember that everything you will ever face in life will always boil down to one word and that word is simply, CHOICE. You always have a choice. It is your divine right to be able to make a choice in anything and everything that you do. All choices have a root basis and there are only 2 possible root basis for any choice you will ever be faced with. These two roots that form the basis of any choice are either FEAR or LOVE. One is an illusion. The other is real.

Now, which root is the basis of the choice you will make? It’s your move…make it a good one.

Rashid A. Buttar, DO

Why Now?

ClockWe all possess an incredible power within us to accomplish anything we want. You will learn how to focus and harness this hidden power that resides within each human being. In fact, most of us don’t have any idea of our own capability. Our seminar is about engaging this power -- in a controlled manner -- to utilize this endless phenomenal source for any purpose our hearts desire.

This seminar is for anyone who wishes to improve or change their situation, gain control of their life, break through personal barriers, achieve anything they desire and overcome any obstacle - whether physical, emotional, spiritual, academic, athletic, financial or related to your performance or health.

It’s easier to stay where you are than make a change in your life. If you have used numerous self help programs, but have found implementing the steps to be difficult or have not been able to put it all together – there is an actual reason! The answer will be disclosed in this weekend course. You will have the exact steps proven to blow through these obstacles, from as simple as changing dire financial situations to as difficult as facing chronic illness or a terminal diagnosis such as cancer. Visit our website to learn how these exact techniques have been successfully implemented.

When presented with opportunities that can change their lives, most people tend to make excuses and stay within their comfort zone. We question things, when intuitively, our instinct (higher guide) is already directing us. If these words ring true, this course is for you. If you are interested in learning exactly how to accomplish everything you desire and achieve success, from conception to materialization, this course is essential for you. In fact, we are so confident about our course, we offer a 100% “no question” money back guarantee. So the REAL question is "WHY NOT NOW?"; you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to GAIN! Sign up NOW!

Why This Seminar?

Because one of the "Top 50 Doctors in the USA", specializing in treating patients considered to be "treatment failures" by traditional medicine, will teach you how to effortlessly solve every problem that is plaguing you. This information has been utilized by Dr. Buttar, not only in his own life but also while treating his patients, many of which the medical profession has given up on or written off. He has used this for much of his life but without being conscious of what he was doing specifically. However, due to a specific course of events in Dr. Buttar's life, this information has become consciously discovered, stumbled upon at times, compiled, organized, refined and finally tested. Read further to learn more, as Dr. Buttar explains in his own words, why you should attend this seminar.

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