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We have enjoyed a tremendous response to the limited number of seminars done for Build A Successful Life from 2008 until now. Due to the success of this program and based upon feedback from past participants as well as suggestions made from attendees, we have decided to add a longer phase of the program conducted over a 1 week period. This program will be unique in that it will combine all of Dr. Buttar's Build A Successful Life principles taught in previous courses, along with all of Dr. Buttar's concepts of health and prevention and the entire program developed by Dr. Buttar referred to as the HOW (Health Optimization and Wellness) Program.

All three components will be held over a course of a week in a remote and secluded, but exquisite location in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain region of the US. The retreat will include 7 full days and nights spent with Dr. Buttar, living, eating and learning. Due to the extensive material that will be covered and impossibility of doing this effectively with large groups, the program will be limited to 8 people. Couples may attend and facilities will be available for up to two couples and 4 singles. During this intimate retreat, besides spending extensive time going over all the principals covered in past programs, you will learn additional new concepts implemented since the last course.

During this exclusive retreat, you will eat all catered, organic, range fed foods with Dr. Buttar, live in the same house as him for the entire week, work out with him, and have the opportunity to personally experience the "shift" for yourself others have experienced with Dr. Buttar. This will be like no other retreat or program you've ever heard of or experienced previously. Only 8 people will be able to experience this unique and highly effective "in house" training and learning experience. And currently only 2 events are scheduled to be held each year.

For details about how every single thing holding you back, from emotional and limiting past experience issues to achieving the optimum best results in what ever endeavor you choose to pursue, from achieving health to business success, from athletic achievement to spiritual awakening, this 7 day retreat will begin you on the right path with as virtual a guaranteed result as is possible. But remember, the results will be completely up to you....because it's your choice if and how you will implement this proven program which has resulted in people with terminal disease overcoming their belief and today, being alive years beyond the point they had been told they would die.

The next course scheduled is in the late fall of 2011. To receive information about the upcoming course as it becomes available, fill out the form below.

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