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You're invited to an Exclusive Power-Knowledge
Business Success Seminar teaching you an Ancient Secret
that has the power of molding events in your favor
and RAS-CON, the KEY to using this Ancient Secret!

Simply stated, it's all about increasing YOUR SUCCESS! So, HOW do YOU go about IMPROVING upon your current level of Success? Well, that is the million $ question. The good news is you have already taken the first step in improving your SUCCESS level, unbeknownst to you. But knowing each of the steps, conscious and subconscious, is the essential difference between success and EXTRAORDINARY success.

Today's world presents us with problems beyond what our forefathers could ever have contemplated. Currently, more than half the US population will be prescribed an anti-depressant sometime during their life. In fact, anti-depressants are the most prescribed drug in the USA right now.

Why is there so much depression?

DepressionIs it perhaps that people face an ever increasing number of problems that at times seem insurmountable? Problems that if one were to ask them, would be answered with "you just wouldn't understand." Problems that just keep getting worse... and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

In fact, this same situation is now appearing to plague our society and our economy as a whole, in the form of a recession. Yet, there is a simple solution for all of this. A solution that no matter what happens to the economy, you are essentially EXEMPT from all the issues arising.


Are you interested in learning HOW to exempt yourself from these problems affecting everyone else?

By simply being on this website, reading this information and learning more about this exclusive and highly confidential business success seminar being held right here in Charlotte, NC, you have already moved in the right direction. You are closer now to learning this incredible SOLUTION, which will directly lead to increasing your current level of success to levels you only dreamt possible.

Are you interested in learning HOW to "recession proof"
your income and/or your business?

How about, "Recession Proofing" your LIFE???

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Have you ever experienced any of the following emotions?

EmotionsPain. Confusion. Frustration. Lack of security, lack of personal safety, lack of financial security, lack of emotional security. A bad relationship...with your spouse, child, parent, co-worker, neighbor, friend. Fear... of the government, terrorism, darkness, of being alone, of...... Bitterness...due to unfair prosecution, the IRS, the insurance industry, the electric company, taxation department....   Resentment.... of employees, of wealthier people than yourself, of people who are poor, of people who are not as successful as yourself, of generous people, of harder working people...of your dentist, of your doctor, of your mechanic.

Hatred... of white people, white people, red people, Asian people, Jews, Moslems, Christians, fat people, skinny people, beautiful people, ugly people, tall people, short people, any person...... Not enough money. Not enough time. Not enough happiness. Not enough.....   Poor health. Bad health. A terminal condition.....6 months to live, 3 months to live, 4 weeks to live....

Is there a solution to any of these issues?

SolutionWhat if I were to tell you there is a solution to ALL of these issues? Would you believe me? What if I were to tell you that there is a way that you would NEVER have to deal with these issues ever again? In fact, it is this very information that this business success seminar is about and builds upon, and it all directly feeds back to increasing your level of success.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that you'll never be exposed to these emotions again. They are, after all, surrounding us and we're exposed to them all the time. But you'll be shown a scientifically proven method to completely eliminate their influence in your successful life. In fact, once you're taught this technique, you will get a small understanding of the power you're being given.

The best part is, you'll rapidly learn and be amazed at how EASY it is to deal with the above issues, from financial to emotional to spiritual and everything in between. You'll leave this business success seminar in possession and control of a power you had no idea was even out there, a power that can get rid of any of these issues in a short period of time, sometimes instantaneously.

So, exactly HOW do you go about IMPROVING upon your current SUCCESS?

Success LadderAt the risk of sounding a bit silly, there is an ANCIENT SECRET answer to this question! Now, the first thing that probably went through your head is "Oh great, here we go again!!" Or, you may have already had that thought when you read the headline of this letter. But really, there is an ANCIENT SECRET! And it's not something that just came out of thin air either. And it's proven.

Think of this ANCIENT SECRET as a phenomenal piece of machinery that can do what ever you want it to do for you. But you need the key to start this machine and know how to use it. That is where the RAS-CON comes in. It is the KEY. In fact, it is the RAS-CON, what I refer to as the "Lost Instructions" of how to utilize the ANCIENT SECRET. The RAS-CON is too much to explain in a letter but you'll be taught all about it, with more detail than you'll ever need.

Ancient KeyThis ANCIENT SECRET can actually be verified and its principals can actually be seen in the work of 14 different Nobel Laureates, scientists who all won the Nobel Peace Prize thousands of year later. And these Nobel Laureates did not win one Nobel Peace Prize together, but rather, each one won a Nobel Peace Prize for their own independent work, at different times in history.

Their work, when put together and combined, substantiates this ANCIENT SECRET which I stumbled upon while treating patients who were fighting for their lives after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. And it is this very same little known secret that I am now WILLING to share with you during this business success seminar. But even more importantly, you will actually learn HOW to use this secret!


The part that NO one else has ever disclosed, at least as far as I know,
is how the RAS-CON, when properly used,
along with this ANCIENT SECRET based on information
passed from generation to generation for 1000's of years,
can allow you to achieve ANYTHING YOU WANT!

Testimonial: Brian A. DiTore, Jacksonville, FL ...

Dear Dr. Buttar,

Thank you for the positive message and powerful orientation last week when you came to lecture in Jacksonville, Florida. It definitely opened my mind to further opportunities. Your scientific validation of quantum physics was outstanding. The way you present your views are far superior to others I have seen in the past. Not only do you know all the facts but you really believe the power of the mind. I felt a strong connection with you when I met you and I know so many others did as well. You have changed so many lives for the better and I inspire you to share more of this information to many more lives. I feel this is your calling, helping others to a more soulful soothing life of happiness. With people like you in this world, we can make a change. Peace, love and happiness is available for all who wish to have it and you can show them the light and direction to obtain this inner beauty. We all have the power as you state, you just show us a way to unlock this hidden talent. I can say this presentation was worth more than any dollar amount could buy. With this inspiration, I decided to write a new book. Currently, I have been working on a book called "Slave to the Grindstone" but so many negative images and words made this book give off negative energy. I have taken the positive text from it and created a new book called "I Command the Universe". Thank you once again. I know God put you in my life for a reason.

Your friend for life,

Brian A. DiTore, Jacksonville, FL


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The Ultimate Challenge...

ChallengeYou see, when you've been told that you ONLY have a few months left to live, you've just been given the ULTIMATE challenge in building a successful life! In business if you fail, you can always start over.But in this challenge with cancer or any terminal condition, if you fail, the GAME'S OVER!You can't try again. However, if someone can WIN at this ULTIMATE challenge, then they can WIN at anything. The question is, can this information be taught in a manner by which you can benefit?

After stumbling across this ANCIENT SECRET, and then seeing proof of the actual existence of this ANCIENT SECRET information first hand, I figured out that this incredible information could be applied to pretty much EVERYTHING in order to create the desired outcome! Of course, this took me a bit of time... like, 11 years to be specific, before I saw everything clearly.

I'm sure some of you reading this information have immediately jumped to a conclusion, thinking that making a statement, which essentially says I know the "Key to Everything" is a very arrogant and assuming statement. But I assure you, this is no exaggeration.I truly stumbled onto this information. And although not initially obvious, it can be (and has been) applied to anything and everything with great success. I know. I've done it and I've had others do it.

Some of this information has been taught as far back as Abraham and Moses, and it has been literally etched into stone and spread by some of my heroes, such as Andrew Carnagie, Napolean Hill and Dr. Maxwell Maltz. These and other great people have impacted millions including myself through their work. But the real essence of the ANCIENT SECRET has been cloaked and hidden, only recently being divulged by writers such as McTaggart, Losier and Anthony.

Key to SuccessIt truly is the starting KEY to everything, whether you are facing a business challenge because an employee betrayed you, to a personal relationship that is on the rocks, from having financial difficulties to facing a terminal, life ending situation. The solution is all the same and this secret provides the first steps you need to take to change the outcome.

The problem is, knowing the ANCIENT SECRET is ONLY the first step. There are a number of subsequent steps that MUST be done in order to make this machine move. The vast majority of the population may have heard SOME parts of SOME of this information that I am referring to as the ANCIENT SECRET. But it's ONLY the first STEP! Unfortunately, even this first step has only been partially explained adequately. However, the number of essential steps which MUST be done in order for this machine to actually start and begin working have been left out.

The RAS-CON...

This is where the RAS-CON which has virtually been ignored in this realm, serves its purpose as the instructions to utilize the key of successful life. Let me explain it to you this way. I remember a few years back, I had ordered a new car and was waiting to get it delivered. Now, I bought this car without having ever driven it, or ever having driven the same model. You may think that's a little strange but you see, my last 3 cars have all been BMW's and I knew that's what I wanted to get. My last car was a BMW 850ci (still have it actually).

BMWFor those of you who are car enthusiasts, you know this is a 12 cylinder, 2 door BMW that was the fastest production car ever built until the late 1990's and cost over $120,000 new, back in the early 1990's. I always thought that it looked like a shark on the road and it was my dream car ever since it first came out. I was fortunate enough to buy my dream car within 5 years of it coming out, when I was 29 and still serving in the US Army.

Anyway, I knew I was going to get another BMW. I ordered a 760 Li, and again, for the non-car enthusiasts reading this, that's also a 12 cylinder. By the way, in case you're wondering, these 12 cylinders made by BMW are extremely efficient, and I use less gas than most V-8's believe it or not.So, what's this got to do with RAS-CON, with the ANCIENT SECRET, or the key to you being able to achieve anything you want in your quest to build a successful life?

Well, when the car was delivered to me, I was in awe. I walked around, inspected it, getting a little excited and then I got inside to fire it up. But I couldn't find the ignition. I looked and looked, but didn't see any ignition key. So I asked the delivery guy how do I start this, and he handed me a little thin box. He goes back to doing his paper work and I still can't figure out what to do with this thin little box. I noticed a button on the box so I pushed it and a key pops out of the thin box, but I still didn't know where to stick the key or where the ignition is.

BMW KeyEmbarrassed, I asked the delivery guy where to put the key, and he smiles at me.He slid the key back into the box and told me to push the box in this little indented area on the dash board of the car.That's cool I thought. Now what? He told me to step on the brake and I remember thinking, well at least that much was the same as other cars I'd driven. Then he told me to push this button next to where the little thin box was inserted and the car magically started up."Very cool", I thought.

I thanked him and he stepped back and said, "Go ahead, take it around the block. I've got some more paperwork to do. I can answer any other questions you might have before I leave." So I said, "Great". And then, I sat there, wondering how the hell do I put this car into gear. There was no middle console with levers like in my other BMW's. I didn't see a gearshift. "Um, excuse me again? How do I put this thing in gear?" The delivery guy had this small smile on his face like, "Dude, you should have test driven one of these bad boys before buying it."

He pointed to this small lever, on the right upper side, smaller than the turn signal lever, and said, "You put it in gear there". "Great, thanks".He went back to writing something on his clipboard and I'm sitting there thinking I can't embarrass myself anymore. Thank GOD, this is the only piece of information I'll need from this guy.

But alas, it was not to be. I'm sitting there, trying to pull this small lever down, or up, hoping it was going to move, but it seemed to be jammed.So I pushed a little more but it felt if I used any more force, it was going to snap off in my hand. I struggled with this thing but it didn't work. The delivery guy looked up and saw me struggling and walked up to the car again.

BMW 760 Li"It's jammed somehow," I said knowing that it was my own lack of knowledge that must be the real cause. I knew a $130,000 car is NOT delivered with the gear selector being jammed. He reached in through the window, insured I had my foot on the break, and ever so gently, with one finger, pulled the little lever towards me and then upwards, and the car was in Reverse, ready to be backed out of the parking spot. I really felt like an idiot.

Even if I had the instructions, or had bothered trying to read the manual, it would have taken me some time to figure it out, but I know I would have eventually after struggling a bit.But it was a lot easier to have someone show me who knew what to do. Remember, that's dealing with something that I KNOW exists. In other words, the car was right there and I knew it was real. But the RAS-CON, the ANCIENT SECRET, the research of the 14 Noble Laureates, the key principals, the various steps... they are almost mythical and "too good to be true."

So if you were to get this machine that could do all these supposed things, but you couldn't start it up, what would you say? You would most likely say, "I told you so, it's too good to be true. "You'd think "its all garbage" and you would walk away from "this obvious piece of junk" that was being promised as the machine that could change your average life to a more successful life. Do you see what I'm trying to say?

Similarly, getting information about RAS-CON and this ANCIENT SECRET is like you've been given the ultimate machine, one that can do whatever you want it to do, and it will allow you to get whatever you want in your increasingly successful life. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it? You get it, delivered. But you don't even know how to start it. You don't know how to make it go, or do any of the things you are told that it can do. Would it be valuable to have someone show you how to operate it?

How did I learn this information?
                      How did I learn these steps?
                                                  How do I know this is the real answer?

Because I learned many things over the years but the missing pieces were discovered while I watched my patients. I have watched those patients who beat all the odds and survived what could not have been possible according to my conventional peers. And I have also watched as some of these patients died.

What was the factor that made the difference?

What was the reason that one group lived and the other group died, even though the group that lived often had a worse form of cancer at a more advanced stage? I'll give you a hint. It is the SAME factor that defines ultimate success in business, sports, relationships, finance, spirituality... essentially all the aspects characteristic of a balanced and successful life!And it all revolves around RAS-CON and the ANCIENT SECRET, which is actually a lot simpler than you may imagine.

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In fact, I will prove it to each of you at the business success seminar. I will show you VIDEO documentation of the results which I had recorded in order to prove the very existence of the results possible when you use RAS-CON, with this SECRET information from the ancients, put into use with the understanding developed by the 14 Nobel Laureates.

Master this information, and you will master and build your successful life. However, make no mistake. You CAN NOT learn this from someone UNLESS they have actually experienced it themselves. I have. And I have learned it in the ultimate arena; the arena where failure results in death and victory defines the essence of success.

Now, you have the opportunity to learn this information. And you will have the opportunity to learn it quickly... in only a few hours actually. Of course, it will take a bit more time for you to master all the principles, but you will learn the details and the essence within half a day. And best of all, you will be able to start using this information yourself for whatever purpose you choose, starting the same day you learn it.

OK, you're probably asking yourself,
"If he's really figured this information out,
why on God's Green Earth would he want to share it with me?

What could he possibly get out of sharing this information?

Great question! Actually, truth be known, it's for a completely selfish reason. And it doesn't have anything to do with the cost of the business success seminar. But you will still benefit tremendously as I share this ANCIENT SECRET and the RAS-CON along with all the other incredibly powerful concepts with you. Does it matter that I am doing it for a selfish reason to serve my own purpose, as long as you benefit from it? Of course not!

Those of you who want to know what my selfish reason is; I will tell you at the business success seminar. In case I forget to bring this up, someone remind me. For those that don't attend, well, it's irrelevant to you anyway, but if you are absolutely being driven crazy with curiosity as to my "selfish motive", I'll give you a hint...it has to do with "NOR Energy" or "resonance". I coined the term NOR Energy a few years back when I wrote the forward for a book on energy medicine.

However, the decision here and now is, are you one of the 10% of people who actually ACT and do 90% of what makes the world move forward? Or are you one of the 90% that just comes up with excuses as to WHY things CAN NOT be done?If you are one of the latter group, do us both a favor, and stop reading right now. This is the wrong website for you and you should move on.

This business success seminar is NOT for you. We took a lot of effort to insure only the right people would get this exclusive invitation, but even with our best efforts, I'm sure it has gotten into some wrong hands. For these people, I will promise you this will be a waste of your money and a waste of your time. We reserve the right to refund anyone's money if they're NOT the right caliber of individual based upon our criteria, so please don't bother registering.

I'm only looking for the top 10% of the business community, the achievers, the movers and shakers, those who will take what I will teach and move themselves into the next realm, who in the next 12 months will sit in the same circle of millionaires. I'm looking for those who are striving for more, working tirelessly but loving every moment, racing ONLY against themselves, with a work ethic and drive that others don't comprehend, leave alone understand.

Testimonial: Robert Lemus, Jacksonville, FL ...

Dr. Buttar,

I'm a forty two year old male. For many years I've been told I am a born salesperson. I am never sure if this a compliment or if being considered a salesperson comes with a negative impression. It does seem that I am very good at selling but in actuality, I've never tried to push anything on anyone and often my clients become my friends. After attending your seminar and having a one on one conversation with you, I understand now it's not that I'm selling anything to others but that through positive energy, I assist others to connect good circumstances and make good decisions. This new found understanding has empowered me to do more good for the benefit of all. I can now use my God given talents without any guilt or embarrassment. Thank you for your gift of empowerment which has already changed me. And thank you for what you are doing for others.

Sincerely Robert Lemus, Jacksonville, FL


I am looking for those who are constantly learning, as I am learning, and who are not satisfied with what they have, but wish to do more, make more, live more, laugh more, all the while becoming centered, and actually "living a successful life" easier and more fruitfully while making a positive change in the lives of all whom they encounter.

For those of you that are in this elite 10%, welcome to my world, one that will soon become yours with the information I will share with you. I can only promise you that the heights you aspired to previously will become mere stepping stones on your way to greater accomplishments, more than you ever thought possible. The only question left will be, "when" will you achieve your goal, not "if". But as with anything else, you must actually use the information that you will learn and then put it into action.

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So what exactly DO you get by coming to
this Business Success Seminar?

Just learning this one ANCIENT SECRET in itself is literally worth at least a million dollars. In fact, knowing this one thing has generated me a million dollars,... a few times over. But I expect it to generate this amount 1000's of times over in the near future. And I will show you how you can do the same thing, to whatever extent you wish.The decision is totally up to you.

The truth, in fact, is if I were going to charge you for this information, for the RAS-CON, for the ANCIENT SECRET, the commonality and application of the 14 Nobel Laureate's principals, and for the Buttar 4-1-3-4 Punch Sequence™ (which I have not even mentioned in detail here), you would NOT be able to afford this business success seminar. Because the price tag on it would be a MINIMUM of a $1,000,000.00, and believe me, there is NO embellishment here. If I've used this to generate a million dollars a few times over, why wouldn't I charge this at a minimum?

Success KeyInstead, I would rather GIVE this information to you absolutely FREE, but only if I knew it would benefit you.The problem is you wouldn't know HOW to use it or how to start it or to "make it go", just like the example of my BMW. This HIGHLY VALUABLE information is NOT what you are paying for because that value is PRICELESS and frankly, as I said, no one could afford it (at least not until AFTER they had this information).

This brings up a story I think is very important to mention here. The second time I gave this business success seminar, which was in June of 2007, we had an individual who somehow got into the business success seminar without having paid. No one caught the mistake since I had a few staff members who were new. At the conclusion of the business success seminar, this same gentleman went out to his car, got his checkbook, wrote out a check for $233.00 (cost of the business success seminar) and brought it back to the conference room.

George Lothian, my special projects manager, received the check from this gentleman, who confided in George that he wanted to make sure he had paid for the business success seminar since the value he had received from the business success seminar was so much more valuable than the value of the money he was spending on it. So this is not just my opinion, but that of past attendees as well.Some of you, I'm sure don't believe me that this is NOT where the value of the business success seminar has been placed.

So here, I'll prove it to you right now!

Money Back GuaranteeAll the information I have mentioned so far is given to you in the first half of the business success seminar. You see, you can attend the business success seminar and if after the first half you are not completely satisfied that you haven't gotten 10 times the value, you can simply ask for your money back at the break. You can be assured that it will be given to you, no questions asked. But all the details I have just discussed, you will have already received by then, during the 1st half. How's that for proof?

If you choose to leave, you'll have already gotten this information for absolutely FREE! No cost to you at all. In the 4 times I have given this business success seminar, 2 of which were exclusively for doctors with the cost over $5,000.00, I have NEVER once had anyone ask for their money back.

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The Test...

So, obviously there must be something pretty big in the 2nd half of the business success seminar, something bigger than the first half? Well, I don't know if it is "bigger" or more valuable, but let's just suffice it to say that you will get a LOT more than you expected. I'm not going to list out all the bonuses that you will get, things that may tempt you to sign up for the business success seminar, because in actuality, I want it to be a test.

I want the actual decision for you to come to this business success seminar to be a challenge in itself. You might as well get used to it now, because you will be challenged throughout the business success seminar anyway. I only want those who "feel" something, who are "moved" to come, those who are compelled and feel drawn to this information, to do so.

But I will make you a few promises, which I am also willing to make in writing:

Promise # 1:

As already explained, you will have a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't feel you have gotten your full value of this business success seminar multiple times over by the first break. Simply ask for your money back and a check will be handed to you, no questions asked, prior to us resuming the 2nd half of the business success seminar.Of course, you will NOT be able to attend the 2nd half of the business success seminar.

Believe me, it's NOT your money that I'm after, because people spend $700.00 for just an hour of time with me and I've had people pay over $2,500.00 for just 1 hour in the past. What I am after is something FAR more valuable and far more precious than money. You just don't know what that is right now but once I show it to you, you'll know my motivation. And it'll become your motivation as well, if what has happened previously is any indication of the future.

Promise #2:

All the details regarding RAS-CON, the ANCIENT SECRET and the vital information from the 14 Nobel Laureates based on quantum physics, will be divulged in full detail in the first half of the business success seminar, so you will have this information before the end of the guarantee period. If you don't think that it was worth more than what you paid, I WANT you to ask for your money back.

Promise #3:

You will get FAR more than you ever imagined. I don't want to get into details and I don't want to try and "bribe" you or "tempt" you to come, although that may have already happened. But, I will simply make the promise that your expectations WILL be exceeded... EXPONENTIALLY! And furthermore, that it will affect your business DIRECTLY! The bottom line is that my goal is to stretch your mind in a way you've never thought possible, where you'll be challenged to the point that all thoughts will become possibilities and all possibilities will become probabilities.

Promise #4:

You will find that the 2nd half of the business success seminar has information that is highly unique, and you will be given specific methods by which to increase your own business. For the people who are wise and insightful enough to take me up on this challenge, it will be a turning point in your lives, if you choose to allow it to occur. How do you "allow" it to occur? This obviously needs more explaining but it will be all fully explained in detail during the second half of the business success seminar.

Promise #5:

If you follow the exact steps laid out for you, exactly in the manner explained, and follow the plan religiously, you should be able to DOUBLE your current revenue in the next 12 months. In fact I'm so confident of this that I will give a written guarantee, with all the details below. However, as with everything in a successful life, each individual's results will depend upon the effort they put forth.

Promise #6

Select attendees will be eligible for a written guarantee that will be as follows: If anyone who follows my exact steps (which must be documented), does NOT increase their revenue by at least $10,000.00 in the next 12 months, I will PAY them $5,000.00 (half) out of my own pocket. But you MUST follow the steps outlined.

If you can't document and verify you followed the steps, the guarantee is null and void. This guarantee is only extended to select individuals who attend the full conference. Very simply, I KNOW that if you follow the steps outlined, you'll make multiple times the guaranteed amount and that's the only reason I'm making the guarantee.

Promise #7:

You will be given the tools to begin enjoying a better state of health, IF you follow my exact plan and recommendations. You will actually feel better than you have in years. Your health improvements will be visible to those around you, and you will personally experience what hundreds, if not thousands of my patients have experienced from every corner of the world.

Promise #8:

You will begin to look better, IF you follow my exact plan and recommendations. I know this is difficult to believe but it is actually true and you'll even feel that you look better than you have in years. This will also be something that you'll hear others comment about by those who you are around you all the time.And this will NOT just be a direct result of No. 7 above either.

Promise #9:

You will be presented with specific guidelines, courses of action, and a MAP that will tell you exactly what you will need to do, how you will need to do it, and how it will make a difference in your own industry, whatever that may be.In addition you will receive at least 1 KEY tool, worth at least $6,000, absolutely FREE, designed specifically to increase your visibility in your market sector via the internet within your specific industry. This is just ONE of the many things you will receive, absolutely FREE, at no cost. It will be created for you, if you choose to engage.

Promise #10:

You will be impacted by more than finances, health and appearance if you follow all the steps you are taught and you implement each of them, such as the Buttar 4-1-3-4 Punch Sequence™. You will come to this realization within the first 6 months of having attended this business success seminar. And you will experience the initial impact of this phenomenon before you realize it consciously.

Promise # 11:

That everything I have stated in these promises is NOT an exaggeration. If you don't believe me after the first half of the business success seminar, you can simply get up, get your money back and leave.

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How can you determine if this business success
seminar is NOT right for you?

If you are a person who is negative, pessimistic, rude, uncouth, think they KNOW everything already or believe that you do not owe any obligation to others, you are probably NOT the type of individual that will do well at my business success seminar. If you do NOT realize that with great power, comes great responsibility, you may be wise in just moving on and forgetting you got this invitation... because it was obviously a mistake.

If you're coming to try and get the $5,000 guarantee,..

It will not happen because the only way you would fail at making $10,000 following my exact steps is if you had the IQ equivalent to the body temperature of a frog... measured in Celsius. The guarantee will be there at the end of the business success seminar to provide the safety net for anyone who needs it before they leap. But the only way you can get the guarantee is IF you leap. And once you leap, you will have already put into motion a machine that will generate you more money than the $10,000.00, twice what you are guaranteed.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any attendee for any reason, if they do not meet the criteria as described or are not willing to sign a confidentiality agreement. Attendees MUST be business owners and/or entrepreneurs.

A registrant for the July 2008 course asked me,
"Why would a successful business owner / entrepreneur
be foolish enough to pass this opportunity up?"

Success FailureI can't answer this question. But the first proof that we were right in inviting you is the fact you are here with us and still reading, considering attending this very exclusive event. Your coming proves both you're a pioneer at heart and that your curiosity drives you, both necessary for extraordinary success. I promise you won't be let down. If you're ready, just click on the sign up link below:This decision to attend, as you will soon discover, will indeed be a wise one.

My friend Chris Harper reminded me of something I read some time ago. There are 3 types of people in the world. The first category includes those few who MAKE things happen, perhaps representing the 10% I mentioned earlier. Then there is the majority who WAIT for things to happen. And finally, we have those who wonder WHAT THE HELL happened?

I already know that the majority of people reading this letter may not end up taking action but my goal in writing this letter was to separate the 2nd and 3rd category of people from the 1st category. I want the 2nd and 3rd category of individuals to eliminate themselves from the running because they would not be well suited for this business success seminar. We wish each of them the best of luck in all their future endeavors.

This leaves me with the 1st category...

Those of you who fit in the 1st category, this business success seminar was created specifically for YOU. I can assure you that you will not need any luck. Remember "luck" is defined as what happens when preparation meets opportunity. And Luck just found you my friend. Can you imagine just being in a room with achievers like yourself? Just the networking opportunity alone is worth the cost of the business success seminar.

You will find yourselves surrounded by others of like mind and that in itself will be an incredible experience. All attendees must attend with an open heart and an open mind. If you do, the world is just about to open up its inner workings for you my friend. Welcome to YOUR new world!

Update: August 13, 2008: We have decided to take this seminar from a 4 hour seminar and turn it into a 2+ day seminar as a result of the phenomenal demand and the tremendous amount of information that we need to cover.  The best part, for those of you already enrolled for the upcoming October course, the price is NOT going to change for you and we will honor the price you paid for the entire seminar.

Additional information will now be included in this seminar that is ABSOLUTELY INVALUABLE.  In fact, this information is so valuable alone and is worth so much, I can’t even put a $ value on it.  Let me explain why I say this.

  1. If there was a way to wipe out all negative and self-constraining subconscious programming every one of us is plagued with, what would you say?
  2. And if we could re-place these negative thoughts with empowering, positive self affirmations which would become ingrained in our subconscious, what would you say?
  3. How about allowing us to automatically do things that previously were so difficult for us to complete, but now will become almost effortless, what would you say?

Well, this is exactly what you will get now at this seminar, in addition to everything else you have already read above.  But this subconscious re-training that is done almost effortlessly on your part, will be specifically designed and oriented towards success in business and the various applications of how this information may be applied to any other areas of your lives as well.

Remember, if you’ve already paid for the upcoming course, you will be getting all this value completely intact without incurring any further costs.  It’s our way of saying thank you to all of our loyal clients and customers.

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Yes, please enroll me for this business success seminar, which physicians have paid over $5,500.00 for previously and that could easily be valued at 100 times what I am paying. I understand that I will receive everything mentioned in the 11 promises listed above, as well as many other things not mentioned in this letter. I also understand I will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and also a video taping release form prior to the event. I further understand I have a 100% Money Back Guarantee if I am not completely satisfied by the first half of the business success seminar, marked by a 10 minute break.All I have to do is ask for my refund during the break. I fully understand that any materials given to me prior to the break must be returned immediately and that I will NOT be allowed to stay for the 2nd half of the business success seminar. I also understand that there will be NO refunds unless I attend the first half of the business success seminar.If for any reason I cannot attend as scheduled, I fully agree that the fee I have paid will be applied to a future business success seminar. I would like the following option: